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Our clients always receive accurate accounting services, timely financial reports, unique approach and timely notification of all applicable legislative changes.

We value the confidentiality of each of our customers and we know how to work together to meet business goals. We put a lot of emphasis on the accuracy of the job and pay close attention to the details.

Our accounting firm has more than 5 years of experience in various fields, so you can be assured of quality and accurate accounting and bookkeeping services by qualified professionals. Our professionals are capable of delivering fresh ideas and strategies to solve your unique issues.

  • Management of accounting records,

  • Accounting system planning,

  • Accounting services for small business,

  • Preparation of annual financial statements,

  • Accurate management of income and expenses according to the chart of accounts,

  • Providing accurate revenue and expense analysis,

  • Writing out invoices,

  • Compilation of documents and management of document circulation,

  • Implementation of accounting formulations,

  • Issuance of tax invoices based on documents,

  • Documentation of movement of goods between warehouses,

  • Planning, accounting and payment of taxes, duties and other mandatory fees.

Steady growth

With more than 300 multidisciplinary clients, our professionals are armed with experience that leads to increased financial performance and sustainable business growth


Risk avoidance

We are fully responsible for our operations. Profix Consulting shares your financial risks leading you to the path of fulfilling your financial obligations.



Our specialists are always ready to explain their work in detail and provide answers to your financial questions in a thorough and easily accessible manner.