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Both domestic and foreign businesses find it difficult to understand Armenian laws in the commercial sector. Profix offers legal consultation for a broad range of companies operating in different industries.



You can get full adwise business and legal consulting from Profix Consulting. Our legal consultants will help you in preparing all required documentation and in assessing any legal and financial risks related to your case. 

Our expertise includes both national and international queries that means a combination of local and global standards to deliver the best ever legal consulting to your needs. In our efforts to assist you in developing and growing your business, we take care to adapt our recommendations to address to your particular needs.

Our consultants will come up with the best answers for any legal issues a business may have, as well as prevent them from reoccurring.

  • Finance and legal consulting,

  • Registration of legal entities,

  • Preparation of necessary documents for all legal entities,

  • Identification of required licenses,

  • Preparation and review of license agreements on use of intellectual property rights,

  • Identification and drafting of the required documents,

  • Legal audit and interpretation of legal risks,

  • Analysis of the company's legal documents and compliance with the requirements of RA legislation,

  • Business legal service, registration and drafting of contracts,

  • Legal support of transactions,

  • Preparation and review of international trade agreements,

  • Other legal services.

Steady growth

With more than 300 multidisciplinary clients, our professionals are armed with experience that leads to increased financial performance and sustainable business growth


Risk avoidance

We are fully responsible for our operations. Profix Consulting shares your financial risks leading you to the path of fulfilling your financial obligations.



Our specialists are always ready to explain their work in detail and provide answers to your financial questions in a thorough and easily accessible manner.

  • How many tax regimes are there?
    There are two taxation systems in RA: general and special, in turn, there are two taxation fields in the special taxation system: turnover tax and micro-enterprise taxation fields.
  • Are there any restrictions on the type of activity in special tax regimes?
    In special taxation systems, in the fields of turnover tax and micro-enterprise taxation, there are restrictions and privileges on the type of activity, for example, foreign currency trading companies cannot operate in the taxation field of turnover tax, and those engaged in public catering activities can operate in the given system without taking into account other restrictions. The following, but not limited to, consulting, marketing, translation, and design service providers cannot perform activities in the micro-enterprise taxation system.
  • What programs are used to record the organization's operations?
    The performed operations of the organization are registered on the basis of IAS, and the computer program for accounting is considered to meet the requirements of the legislation, if it is possible to carry out double registration, conduct analytical and synthetic accounting and if it possible to prepare financial reports using it (RA Government N 820- N decision as of 01.08.2013)
  • How is determined the value of the accounting service?
    The cost of accounting service is determined depending on 3 factors: annual turnover, number of employees, number of operations.
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