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We can assist you whether you're having issues with internal procedures or corporate culture, or you need a business solutions consultant to meet your future goals.



Our business consulting services are structured to address company's end-to-end business needs, enabling clients to improve performance and achieve continuous growth. By combining many years of local and international experience of our business operations consultants, Profix will surely help you to register growth.

Our tax and business consultants are experienced leaders and experts in business process management consulting who put the needs of their clients first while productively collaborating with various companies.

We will help you adapt to today's market dynamics and continue to compete, anticipating possible challenges and building a clear strategic plan. Our services are based on professional quality, international standards, and individual approach towards our customers.

  • Business plan development,

  • Addressing business issues,

  • Foreign and domestic market research for business planning and feasibility studies,

  • Competitive analysis and definition of advantages,

  • Strategic plan development and monitoring,

  • Development of procedures and processes for strategy implementation,

  • Defining ways to achieve the goals set before the organization,

  • Developing and implementing an action plan aimed at achieving the company's short-term and long-term goals,

  • Performance measurement and improvement,

  • Business consulting and re-engineering,

  • Monitoring and gap analysis.

Steady growth

With more than 300 multidisciplinary clients, our professionals are armed with experience that leads to increased financial performance and sustainable business growth


Risk avoidance

We are fully responsible for our operations. Profix Consulting shares your financial risks leading you to the path of fulfilling your financial obligations.



Our specialists are always ready to explain their work in detail and provide answers to your financial questions in a thorough and easily accessible manner.

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